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    Smile Golite Pinnacle

    In the last 10 months I purchased a Golite Pinnacle backpack which has been reviewed positively on I purchased it because someone posted a link to a sale on I was very happy with the purchase price and in a few days I had my pack.

    I have not had the opportunity to make it to the woods since my purchase but as the hurricane was moving up the east coast I tagged along on my goodwyfe's business trip to St. Thomas USVI.

    I took my small rolling suitcase and the backpack. I had a few days by myself and me, my old canvas sun hat, and the Golite Pinnacle backpack explored the island.

    Fully locked in tourist mode the backpack could have only been better if it came with a Sherpa to tote it. Over hill and the beach and on the street the backpack did an excellent job of hauling and protecting my tourist load out. Food in the Virgin Islands is a bit spendy so I went to the closest Pueblo supermarket and purchased $35 of food and drinks. Clearly I overloaded my pack and there was no real problem only some cutting into my shoulders from the overweight gem of a backpack.

    Thanks hammock forums for another great piece of kit.

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    Nice post #6! (I know, I know...You're not a number, you're a man.)

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    I just got one this week..they are on sale $125..... Love it!

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