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    Type of seam on DIY hammock footbox, shelf, zipper, etc

    Planning to make a DIY hammock. Was wondering what type of seam would you use to join the body to the footbox, shelf, zipper, etc. I did a search and didn't come up with any thread that directly addresses this. A lot on seam sealing and flat felled seams, but I want to put grosgrain on the seam for a finished look and I am not sure how that would work on a flat felled seam. I picture the grosgrain on my seams enclosing the seam.

    I drew a picture...yes it is bad, and yes my seams look even worse! They've held up so far! (have made 2 tarps and 3 hammocks- without an integrated bug net, foot box and shelf)

    In the attached picture, 1. what seam would you use and where? 2. In picture "B" would you sew seam "c" or just skip it and use sew on the two larger lines?

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    Ok, I thought of a third option. I imagine this would require pins. Dont think I can hold the rolled hem on two pieces of fabric at the same time. Perhaps there is another stitch that needs done to join the two fabrics fist?
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    Quote Originally Posted by patermagnus View Post
    but I want to put grosgrain on the seam for a finished look and I am not sure how that would work on a flat felled seam. I picture the grosgrain on my seams enclosing the seam.
    A flat felled seem is used only to join two pieces of fabric to make one flat panel. Usually you would not use a flat felled seam any where but the ridgeline of the tarp. If the fabric is going to turn a corner at the seam then you don't want a flat felled seam. Similarly if you are on the edge of thde fabric you do not make a seam. You make a hem. A seam joins two edges. A hem finishes off one edge.

    Most seams in a hammock construction would a simple sewn seam or a french seam if a completely finished seam is desired.

    At least that would be my take on it.

    The edges of the hammock and tarp would be finished with a simple double rolled hem. Or if you finish the hem with grosgrain you can get away with a single folded hem.

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    thanks for your reply. I agree that the flat felled seam wont work. I am "turning the corner", so it is not a hem.

    I viewed some of your videos in the past, will try to find the one on a simple seam vs a french seam.

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