I started hammocking after reading a lot on the forums here, and trying to find a very light weight sleeping method that was

- not so bulky
- could be used in scandinavia where temps often alternate between freezing and thaw (this introduces a lot of condensation and clothes drying challenges
- as lightweight as possible while keeping a safety margin in bad weather

I do a lot of multiday / week long trips in isolated areas where foot resupply is not possible, and where you would usually meet a person or two during a week - and rescue is difficult.

I have used the hammock on a climbing trip hanging it between steep rock walls with wallnuts and friends in the cliff instead of tree huggers on a tree.

I have used the hammock on trips in a my racing kayak (a 7kg version of cleaver X from Struer).

I just boght the warbonnet - blackbird DL 1.1 and the superfly tarp before I joined this forum.

cheers and happy hanging (guess "hang loose" have a wrong sound in these forums

aka JarJarBinks