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    SOLD: FS/WTT: DIY down UQ, DIY hammock Sock

    I've got a couple things for sale.

    DIY UQ - i made this under quilt specifically for a HH hammock. it has side pull outs that are on 6" adjustable velcro strips but i didn't always use them as some times the ground was too hard to stake into. i also incorporated a center access which uses velcro to seal. to be honest, i used this feature twice and then i got the 2QZQ mod2.

    here are the material specs for the UQ

    o 5 yds 1.1 camo ripstop nylon DWR
    o 7 cord locks
    o 24 1/8 shock cord
    o 80 3/32 shock cord
    o 2 mitten hooks
    o 2 yards no-see-um (only to get the length, did use all of it)
    o 40 Velcro
    o 28oz 650-700 goose down

    overall length is about 78", the shoulders 48" wide and the foot end is about 40". i've slept in the UQ down to -5F without a problem but I was also smart with my set up location.

    total weight in sac is about ~34oz

    I'm asking $200 shipped using paypal. If it's outside the CONUS, I will need to check shipping first.

    the second is my DIY sock made specifically for a RHS HH mod 2. I think the new HH zippers are on the left so unless you have a mod2 i'm not sure this will work.
    - the top layer is a breathable 1.0 ripstop
    - bottom is a 1.1 downproof (nonbreathable) ripstop with a single of IX on the inside with two draw cords.
    - draw cords at each end

    weight is 11oz in sac

    I'm asking $140 shipped using paypal, If it's outside the CONUS, I will need to check shipping first.

    here is a youtube link showing both and some photos'
    Attached Images Attached Images
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