I took my nx250 up to the BWCA last month (you may have seen my trip report) - Even with all the adversity I faced, the hammock itself performed admirably.

Last week, my fiance said she wanted to go car camping. Last minute. Labor day weekend.

I was specifically told I would not be sleeping in the hammock, but would be sharing a tent with her

There were thunderstorms scheduled. This would be unfortunate for a camping trip, but turned out good, because it meant there was still camping sites available at a local state park. The weather cleared up so we went down to the park. (Blue Mounds State Park, Wi)

On the way, my fiance developed a huge migrane! We had to pull over several times to let her puke. The camping trip was about 1/4 of the way to her parents house, where we needed to go anyway for some wedding planning, so she did not want to go home, but also thought she could not make it to her parents, so we decided to tough it out.

when we got to the campground, I decided to set up the hammock anyway to let her rest and recuperate. 2 min after pulling into our spot, she was in the hammock sleeping. (Man hammocks set up fast!) (On the upside, I think the quick setup and good rest she god helped sell her on hammocks - I got in big trouble for buying it without permission in the first place )

It then proceeded to start to drizzle, then pour while I had to set up the tent. Setting up the tent took me a good 30 minutes. It was just a coleman 3 man dome, but it was the first time I had ever set this model up. Later in the weekend I was able to get it up in about 10 min to let it dry out, but that first time sucked

Eventually fiance felt better, we made a fire, ate some food, hiked a bit, then went to bed.

HOW DID I EVER SLEEP IN A TENT! I could feel every little rock and dip, and the hard ground pressed up against me!

The hammock has ruined me forever for tents.

If the fiance wants to keep camping, I am 100% going to get

a) a second hammock (maybe a tropical, since its doubtful she will want to do any cold camping)
b) a vertex
c) some other two person hammock

b) seems like a good choice, since it lets us stay together when couple camping. anyone have any field tests for Vertex "extracurricular activities"?