Hello Guys,

We just had a great trip up north last weekend.
Weather was quite nice. warm enough to swim during the day, and great star gazing most nights.

We got on the water late, around 9:30 pm on Wednesday.
This is a common practice for me lately. we take our time "getting ready" on Wednesday day, and by the time we reach the lake, it's getting dark. Rather than spend the night at the landing, we paddle out into the beautiful night, and pick a campsite when we are ready.

Wednesday night was extremely foggy and dark (no moon) so no pictures.
But it was a very fun and somewhat difficult first couple hours.

We stayed on Sawbill the first night.
We paddled and portaged to Frost lake on thursday.
Frost has a couple of amazing sites with huge sandy beaches.

This is my hang spot on Frost. nice big cedars and far enough from the tents for some peace and quiet.

We went swimming right away. beautiful day.

2 of the guys love to swim, and this rock was a favorite destination for them.

Steaks on sticks has become a first night tradition. 16oz new york strips refuel us after a long day of travel and fun.

Next morning while prepping the Hawk Vittles, we realize that the guys who normally get complete rental outfitting, do not have any utensils. So they had to make do with the local wares.

We took a day trip down the Frost river to Bologna lake. plenty of cool river action with lily pads. Water was generally deep enough to paddle through.

We stopped at this big rock for a nice lunch break.

Things got a bit too shallow in some areas, and we had to walk the canoes for a while.

Great sunset sky.

These guys played pretty hard today.

Nice place to be.

Here was my morning view.

And looking straight up.

One of the few people we saw on Frost.

Morning shot of the Cuben glistening in the sun after a nice 1/2 rainy night.

And we paddled back to Cherokee to get a head start on our journey home the next morning. More fun in the water.