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    The corkscrew anchors I have are 17 inches long with spirals on the bottom 7 inches and a big D-type handle. I use them for my 10x20 canopy.

    Late last spring when I was testing it was very wet here. I used two anchors attached to a pole for hanging one end with the other end attached to my deck. I had screwed the anchors straight down into my grass. When the hammock was loaded, the shaft first bent and then it pulled out. YMMV
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    I just got some other style anchors that show some possible application - called The Claw which is basically three boom stakes joined together at a central hub : see for description - I got 4 of these anchors for about $85 (after shipping - YMMV) at One of the things that looks good is that they look easy to disassemble so that one would have 3 boom stakes from one claw or enough boom stakes for three hammocks from the 4 claws that I bought.
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