Thank you for your interest and comments with www.dphammockgear.com products.

If anyone has specific questions centering on our engineering, please send a personal message (PM) on the Forum or simply ''contact'' us on our website.

We don't have time to peruse all the forums threads searching for dp questions, but here are a couple we found yesterday.

dp "Cozy" insulation? Nothing secret here other than we choose to not share where our source vendor is, due to all the money invested in finding a suitable insulation that meets our standards. FYI: Cozy is 100% polyester.

dp "Triastic" fabric? Finding a low-stretch, water proof, light weight fabric was VERY expensive and difficult. We have landed and are pleased with the polyester fabric we have named Triastic.

dp Top Quilt Head Hole? You do not have to use the Head Hole all the time. When it isn't cold enough to warrant its use, simply pull the quilt up like it it isn't there. We feel, of all the head closure systems out there, the dp is maybe the most comfortable and by far the easiest to use in the field.

Under Quilt "Drape"? Just last month, August 2011, we changed/improved our dp Under Quilts to a "differential" cut. This allows a heat retaining "drape" to be there in our UQ now. We hesitate to say, but feel this drives the cold temperature rating to an even more comfortable zone now. And we want to share, comfortable temperature ratings are very subjective. This came across loud and clear in earlier chats.

We are now making our hammocks out of our Triastic fabric. We feel it has more advantages by far than shortcomings. We feel our hammocks and tarps are a notch ahead of most of the other designs currently being produced.

FYI: our dp Heeter Hybrid hammock with its attached under quilt weighing at less than 18 ounces, complete and ready to hang, we believe is a gem. Take a peek at it at www.dphammockgear.com

Once again, our driving focus is:
1) Reliablity
2) Light weight gear
3) Low cost

Having all three is rare and difficult to acheive ...

Happy hanging this Fall.
dp Dave