Headed out tomorrow for another Airplane event with my Blackbird/Superfly. Stuck a Wallyworld CCF pad in it last night and blew the 50 degree wind on my back, got a little warm. That's gonna work great for Newton, IA this weekend where lows are in the low 50's and winds are looking low as well. Highs for the days are 70's.

No hiking, Model Airplane flying and camping at the field. One of these days I'll have to add something to my backpack other then tarp/hammock and suspension but I'll enjoy the few days I get as is. I'll take some photos of the layout. Maybe someone will get interested and join me in a hang. I'd like to use trees as they have some at the field, but I don't know if they are in the right place and if they are big enough. Some silly reason I didn't even think to look at it last month when I stopped by on my way to Oshkosh. Throwing the Texsport stand in the truck just in case. That makes it a pain to get into the get in and out as it's so low to the ground, but it also keeps me pretty insulated from night air as well. And heck, as long as the back isn't touching the ground when your in the hammock, who knows you're not 10 foot in the air?

Till it's time to crawl out!!