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    Quote Originally Posted by cevans View Post
    Hey flatline,,read all the previous posts in your other thread,,I had read those before when they were fresh and new,,just forgot,,I see where yu're using a 110" ridgeline??? Is that the size your using now? I got to get me one of WL's hammocks! lol,,being a gear freak is costly! And,,do they have a store open yet? If they do,,thinking about driving down just to look/see...
    i have shortened to 108 and that really has it dialed in for me.
    i'm fortunate to be about 10 miles from Marty's shop so back when i ordered my
    custom UQ i asked if it would be okay to just pick it up in person and he said sure. we became fast friends. almost all my hammock gear is Wilderness Logics now.
    they have not opened a "bricks and mortar" store yet, maybe next year? idk.
    i originally decided to try WL because they are local to me, but i have continued to prefer WL because they make really good stuff. i've seen their production facility and they have a Ph.D. when it comes to hammock gear. when you see their seams you'll know what i mean.
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