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    Talking FS: Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1 -- $165 shipped

    I'm well aware that this is a hammock forum but I figured i would put it for sale here as this is the forum I have been browsing constantly for the past month.

    Big Agnes fly creek UL 1-person tent weighing in at 2 pounds 2 ounces with stuffsack(s) and nine aluminum J stakes (on my scale). All of the guy-lines have been changed out with orange Z-line slick dyneema cord with micro line loc guy-line adjusters for a tight quick pitch. Used over the last two years for various hiking endeavors but it is in excellent condition with no holes, wear, etc.

    I decided to sell because I am a converted ground dweller turned hanger and use a tarptent rainbow for my two-person overnights. The Big agnes fly creek ul1 is a strong light-weight tent that is well ventilated, wide (42 inches at the entrance and shoulder area) and great for someone 6ft and under. Over 6ft I dare say this tent is too short for you (i am a hair under 6ft and the tent worked well but any taller you would hit the end with your feet). I was going to sell it a few months ago but decided that I liked it too much….. but I am officially willing to depart with it since it is not getting any use.

    Food for thought, with cuben stuffsacks and ti stakes you can easily get this shelter under the 2lb mark as I weighed it in at 1lb 14.5 ounces with 9 ti-hook stakes and a cuben stuffsack.

    Looking for $165 shipped to the lower 48 states. Cheers! – pm me with any questions or if you want any pictures, etc.

    - Jay

    edit: ps: main reason for selling is to aid my hammock induced battered bank account.
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