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    Arctic hammock camping

    Quote Originally Posted by Dussault View Post
    I've had a hard time researching this because most references to winter hammocking don't apply to the Canadian winter. If anyone knows of such a thread, please point it to me:

    I want to be warm at -22f/-30c temps (preferably higher, but this is the minimum).

    I currently have a HH+SS(overcover, undercover, underpad) and will purchase something like a -30c/-22f sleeping bag with wind block, a silk liner for the bag, and a large tarp.

    At first, I thought that the underpad covered with a space blanket would be enough for the hammock to be comparable to a tent+pad. Some more research suggests that this is not the case. Now, I'm considering the options, but the KickAssQuilts are rated at +30f, the JRB Winter Nest at 0-10f, the peapod at 20f. I could layer several pads together, but I can't afford trial and error because most of my time is taken up by university.

    At this point, I'm wondering if hammocking in this weather is possible, and if I should just go to the ground instead.

    We completed OKPIK winter camping BSA instructors class this year for 9 days in January. We were in northern MN about 5 miles from the canadian border. Our first night out there and in hammocks was -26 Farenheit. Our warmest day was +6.3 F degrees. I used a zero degree bag in the hammock on 1 ridgerest pad with another 0 degree bag over the whole kit. Cheaply similar to the Speer Peapod. The key is exercise right before bed, change into dry clothing, cover your head & feet. Do not breath into your sleeping bag, using a hot water Nalgene next to your body core and keeping a candy bar in the bag when you wake up. If you have an active bladder, learn the "pee" bottle method. We are so confident in the cold weather camper system that we are taking a troop back in December 2011.


    PS going to ground is the worst idea possible unless you have a back up quinzee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dussault View Post
    . . . I will sleep naked and so, if my setup proves to be insufficient, I can add in my outside gear (coat, pants, booties) and get extra gear before both hammock + outside insulations combined get too cold.
    I would suggest wearing a high quality long underwear.
    couple of reasons:
    1. getting out in the morning is less of a fear
    What with the cold air violently attacking your skin.
    2. Will make getting into a cold bed to start with easier.
    3. It will just guarantee a warmer sleep.
    4. keeps the bed of your hammock cleaner.

    hpe that helps

    opps hick-up
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    A factor that is mostly left out on this sub-zero hanging is using a tarp.

    If a closed end tarp is reaching completely to the ground, (snow) and, there is nothing more than a moderate breeze, the inside volume of air will warm slightly, and, provide considerable insulation.

    If the hammock itself is also closed off, such as with a HH SS, and a HH over-cover it will remain substantially warm. I have been out to the sub-single digits, and, have never had temperatures go below freezing in my HH. This is with a 5" loft UQ, and a -15 deg bag. And pre-warmed with a Nalgene bottle of boiling water. (ahhhhhhh!!!!!) Carhart long johns, no fleece. In fact, for the first few hours of the evening, I have only been able to sleep with the top bag open down to my waist.

    However, upon tearing down in the morning, everything ices up almost instantly with exposure to the ambient temperature. I do use a DIY over-cover which has a layer of 1/4" poly batting, but, I am making another one of poly batting and pre-washed/softened Tyvek. Although ambient humidity is almost nill at these temperatures, condensation on the inside of the hammock space needs to be delt with, and that is not always easy, in fact, I think condensation is the hardest thing to control in cold weather hanging. A digital thermometer/humidity device helps monitor this. The humidity inside the enclosure builds up to 75% after a while with out proper venting.
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    Great thread!

    I swear I am going to winter hang this year...I was all ready to last year and chickened out lol. Going to start in the backyard

    I will be trying it with:
    Speer Winter Tarp
    JRB Katahdin TQ
    JRB Mt Rogers UQ
    Molly Mac Hammock Sock

    Will see how low that set up will get me.

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    Temps like that there is only 1 thing to keep you comfortably warm...

    layers, layers
    & more layers.
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    Living in Winnipeg I have thought about a winter over night hang
    But here it gets -40c don't think I wanna play around with that kinda cold
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rug View Post
    As a fellow Canukistan hanger, let me level with you.

    Get UQ's, a TQ, and warm clothing.

    I have a JrB Winter Nest. I have been good down to -20C, but that isn't the entire picture. You need a great baselayer (wool), great hat (balclava), gloves, and booties (down).

    You also will want a wind-break/vapour barrier.

    Any 'Winter' TQ & UQ will work good, combining them will help; but paying attention to your baselayer will get you more bang for your buck.
    I wonder what you think about the winter bag vs top quilt issue. There is unused insulation in a bag since it's being compressed, and thus a waste of resources and unnecessary luggage. Also, mobility suffers more in a bag than in-between quilts (and I move a lot in my sleep). I've also read about sweat problems. There is, however, the advantage of a tight seal around the body so that I do not get cold drafts when I move around. Drafts are not a big issue within a certain temperature range, but below -15c I would think that it might become a problem. Then again, I like to sleep with the window open, even in the winter.

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    Fellow Canadian :)

    You may want to read this:

    That I posted. I have found unzipping the sleeping bag and using it as a top quilt works best for me and I'm fairly active sleeper. Its plenty of insulation and it sort of puffs up as its much wider than the hammock so it always stays more or less "sealed" to the sides.

    Also the Sleeping bags I mention are a relatively inexpensive way to get a down "quilt".
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