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    Welcome 12 bar

    I have 3 hammocks - a Hennessy Ultralight Backpacker, a DD Frontline and a Warbonnet Blackbird. Use different ones for different trips and like them all for different reasons. That said though, my Go To hammock is the Blackbird for sure.

    It's just comfier & better all round than the others for me. Simpler to use, quicker to hang, lighter to carry and unbelievable to lie in. It has a bug net & strorage space, would be one to consider for your trip.

    Everyone has their favourites and choice will be determined by the kind of hanging you're most likely to do. Afternoon nap hammocks are different from camping hammocks.

    I'm sure that once you hang between two trees for a few nights you'll never look back - just like the rest of us! Let us know how you get on

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    Welcome from the Palm Beaches! Follow Gumbo's posted link to the big Florida Hang in January! Hopefully we will meet up before then under some trees.

    Here is a link to that NE Florida hang next month ....
    "Life is a Project!"

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