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    before you make a change know the problem. this weekend the rain was knocking the condensation off the inside of my cuben tarp. it DID feel like rain mist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannibal View Post
    By that I mean, don't pitch it drum tight. If you allow some give in the fabric, the rain drops don't hit with the same PSI. Without that pressure, the weave of the fabric doesn't open and the water stays outside; where it belongs.
    Good advice. I hadn't heard that before. I have had a little misting with my MacCat Deluxe sil in heavy rain, but I did have it pitched drum tight. I will give a looser hang a try. I can't afford a cuben, and I know many people loved the sil MacCats before the cuben craze hit, so I'm sure the sil will suit me fine. Thanks for the tip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KC8QVO View Post
    Just out of curiosity - has anyone else had much of an issue with water coming through their tarp in a heavy rain? Not much, just a "mist".

    How high do you hang the tarp from the ridge line of the hammock? I've been in the habit of tieing my tarp off to the hammock suspension (specifically the biners I use to clip my web straps together). The tarp ends up right on the ridge line of the hammock. I am thinking of tieing off the tarp separately - and higher - next time. This would even let me hang my clothes over the ridge line of the hammock and not be pressed against the tarp in the rain getting the clothes soaked.
    I've become a little dissatisfied with the structual ridgeline. I like to hang low to the ground and with the tarp on the structural ridgeline, it's too low to stand up under.

    I could attach the structural ridgeline higher on the web hangers, but it hardly seems worth the effort.

    I'm thinking I'll have a separate line for the tarp and only use the structural ridgeline when the trees are far apart.

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    @Cannibal: Thanks mate that is a great tip! Could have saved me one rainy, rainy rainy night and day last summer in Sweden.

    In general, can't afford Cuben right now either (resisting temptation, using the brain...)

    Have used a separate ridge line for years now. Easy setup the tarp first on the height you want it, wether it be for a quickie shelter and a brew while sitting on the ground and then go on hiking again, when making camp or, heavens forbid.... if I have to go to ground... this modular system works great for me, I don't have to change packing etc.

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