Hello all,

I recently switched to whoopie slings, and I've got 2 questions for you all:

1. I'd been hanging on a turtlelady stand I made in my backyard, and everything was going great....until I switched to the Whoopie slings. Now, even when the whoopies are at the shortest length possible, my hammock is still far too low to the ground. I'm completely stumped, and I fear that I won't be able to hang this stand on the hammock anymore. Is there any way I could wrap the whoopie slings around the end of the hammock in order to shorten their length?

2. After attatching the slings, I realized I have a lot of extra cord hanging down from the end, even when the slings are extended a great deal. Do most of you cut the ends off your whoopie slings so you don't have to deal with the long ends getting tangled and such?

Thanks in advance for you help!