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In regards to the comment about getting up to pee, I think it does tie into how well we are sleeping; and the night-time urine trips are a more natural state of function for our bodies, then hold-it-till-you-burst-and-must-wake-up coma that beds have trained us to are unnatural and unhealthy.
Now it is funny you mention this, but only a couple of days ago i had a thought along these lines. I cant comment much about the hammock thing, as i have not done it enough to notice (not even a night out yet, just a lazy arvo here and there)

But the peeing thing, a week or so ago i changed a couple of supplements i take, one of which is a natural relaxant that i have started on. Since starting on it, i have been finding that i get up to pee at least once, sometime 2 or 3 times in a night. a couple of days ago i started thinking about this and realised that although i had been getting up more, i had been waking up feeling more rested than i have done so in a long time.
I came to a similar conclusion, being that somehow we have been trained to go for the 8-12 hours a night without peeing, resulting in waking up with an incredible urge to burst. This urge would have been building up for some hours and would surely have taken more out of you than your sleep was giving back... I have been sleeping better and getting up more during the night... something to think about huh...