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Thread: Tarp Theories

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    Two tarps is a choice always... but I prefer to have more weight in one bigger tarp than two smaller ones....

    And yes it snowed Saturday past, no accumulation, just pretty flakes...

    Currently have a 12x10 sil tarp, looking at maybe going 13x12 for the next one. DIY style. I have a bunch of Spinn fabric, and clear sail mylar, (Kite making supplies!!!) plus some other choices (Camo!!) I can do DIY sil coating on....

    To me even a 2 lb tarp is UL. I still marvel at how light the hammock and tarp combo is compared to my 10lb tent...

    Bulk bothers me more than weight generally since its space in the pack thats at a premium.
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    Shoot...I routinely used one of those Golite silnylon poncho's as a tarp for ground camping just to save weight in my backpack. They are quite nice and flexible.

    HOWEVER, since switching to hammock hanging, I decided to with the Wilderness Logics "Big Daddy"- 130" (10'10") x 115" (9'7") so to me that is massive. It only weighs around 13oz before adding lines but I really enjoy the extra width.

    I found myself just enjoying the size of the many have said, personal preference.

    It's usually about counting ounces for me but I am happy thus far with a total of 35 ounces for my Hammock/Tarp/suspension/lines weight.
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    currently my DIY bridge
    8 x 10 sil tarp
    DIY tq,pads
    whoopie sling
    I have an 8 x 10 built according to the Ed Speer Hammock Camping book. the book is rather old now, but he talks about using an 8 x 10 because the 'large' tarp will give you plenty of protection form the rain and a place to cook. Its a matter of perspective and need. I have the materials and have been thinking about making a larger tarp for a year now, but honestly haven't found the need for it.

    I suppose that if I spent my days hanging around camp I might want something larger. But so far I find that this tarp is enough in windy storms - especially if I bring along a Griz beak.

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    My first tarp was the Hennessy napkin tarp. Talk about intimidating to someone that hadn't messed with tarps in more than a few years! I was absolutely positive that I was going to get wet using it; zero doubt in my mind. Luckily, I lived in Florida at the time, so all I had to do was wait a few hours for the next rainstorm. Every time I heard the rain, I was running outside with my stuff to practice. Within a couple of months, I was totally comfortable under that tiny thing.

    My second tarp was an early SuperFly. It felt like a condo by comparison and I developed a bit of a crush on the big tarps. My time learning real tarp skills was priceless, but that SuperFly made things soooooo easy. Still, I learned this very thing while dragging my SuperFly along the AT:
    Quote Originally Posted by SGT Rock View Post
    I like a smaller tarp so I can have a tighter camp in cubbyholes.
    There are so many more spots to hang when you have a small tarp, that it makes them very attractive. I had a OES Standard sent to me on the trail and instantly realized that I had no need for a large tarp unless I was dealing with cold temps. At least, as a thru-hiker on the AT. If it was raining and I wanted to cook under my tarp, I just took one end of the hammock down and I had plenty of room.

    Since those days, my tarp purchases have been fairly balanced. I've got big tarps to use for blocking cold wind and entertaining camping friends and neighbors. Then I've got my 'hiking tarps', which are minimalist in size. They work just fine and if I had to, would work in winter too. I just wouldn't be quite as comfortable as easily.

    So yeah, preference is the name of the game. In the summer, when I'm solo, I don't generally take more than my OES Micro. It covers every hammock I own and other than a couple of stupid-moments on my part, my quilts haven't gotten wet. My opinion, is to start small and learn by trial and punishment. Once you can use a small tarp effectively, making the transition to the big boys is nothing but pleasurable. Going the other direction might not be quite as enjoyable because you will probably feel like you're missing something.
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    Tarp Theories

    I might have missed it in a previous reply but don't forget about a hammock cover. A small piece of silnylon wrapped around the bottom of your underquilt (underquilt cover). One should keep in mind their "System". You can get by with a very small tarp if you are covering the underside of your hammock.
    Planning ahead is key. If rain is in the forecast then you are packing more/bigger tarp.
    Snow isn't a problem so much as rain when dealing with hammock moisture. When it's that cold though, you need to think wind protection.
    You should also try to see what you can get by with inside. I'm not so claustrophobic so I can pitch the tarp low and hammock high so I get my butt out of direct wind.
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    Why bring this thread back up three years later?

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