Hi there Aube,

I really enjoyed your story!

Your decision to stick to a place you know fairly well was a good one. Whenever I do some gear testing, I go to a place close to home and a place I know fairly well.

It seems to me that you had enough ways to start your fire and stove. What happened to you, happens to “most” hikers at some point. What IS important is how you deal with it, both then and after you get home. You had no lighter, so you thought of sometime else. Not only did you think of something else, but you HAD something else with you to think of – a back up. Matches, more matches, wax balls and t/paper. It would have worked out great if they were dry. lol You still managed to get you fire and stove going, which it great!

“Just in case" is a good way to think when packing for a trip... take this and that, “just in case.” A list, or check list, is a big help. I’m much more likely to take everything, if I start packing, or at least gathering all that I plan to take and lay it all out somewhere a day or so before I go. It’s amazing the things that I think of that otherwise would have been left behind. As we all know, it’s the one thing we leave behind that we end up needing.

Anyway, Aube, thanks for telling as all about your trip, it’s a good report!