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    This is one of the things I did not anticipate about hammocking. If you don't own or have access to private property, there are a lot of rules that are meant to protect trees out there.
    Also quite a few people of authority who's interpretation is quite inflexible. I have only hung my hammock one time when I was certain that I wasn't breaking someone's rules. Every other time I could have been told, or WAS told that I had to move on. It is a bummer, but also encourages me to camp in more interesting and secluded spots.

    Is there any empirical evidence that shows that using webbing actually causes no harm to trees? Maybe it does...

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    Park Regulations

    Request that the Ranger put the requlation in writing and then sign his name and date for you are going to inform your senator or rep. about the situation. Be prepared though, for you may have to give him CPR.

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    Well it seems that most of the State Park Campers will not be Backpacking gear in very far and the car is close by so weight will not be an issue

    Would carrying a portable hammock stand get you in trouble from the Rangers

    (loop hole)
    You could put the stand(s) on the tent pad and hang there!

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    sucks, but it's the rules.

    Quote Originally Posted by canoedad View Post
    Nerstand Woods State Park in Minnesota. I was just camping there and was told in no uncertain terms that hanging a hammock was prohibited. The park ranger, a brash young man, said it was on the first page of the manual. I looked on the website and the information given at the park and found no such thing. He said it was state wide in all the parks. I camped in Itasca and Wild river state parks with no mention of this restriction. Stay away from Nerstand Woods near Northfield MN as it is not a friendly place especially to hammock users and campers.
    It is a rule stated by the DNR to not harm the trees at all. Even the use of webbing can technically rub bark off (harm), or if you were using a carabiner with your webbing the biner could pinch the tree enough to damage the layer under the bark.

    Use of trees to support hammocks would fall under the rule to not disturb the natural features of the park. The trees could be injured. If you were to have your own hammock stand, that would be allowed.

    And, it is always up to that State Park’s manager.
    that is what I was told by Joni at the DNR Information Center. I even provided her with a lot of documentation regarding hanging and the Leave No Trace efforts of webbing.

    Whenever you are anywhere not on a backpacking trail you run the risk of being told you are not allowed to hang. That's the inherent risk in our choice of shelter. And if I was a Ranger that told you not to hang, and then found you hanging later in the night I would kick you out of the park and ban you.
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