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    My wife and I hammock camp together.

    We've found it's pretty much impossible for 2 to sleep together in 1 hammock.

    My WBBB (warbonnet blackbird) 1.1 (fabric weight) DL (double layer) is perfect for cuddling/snuggling, but it's just too tight for comfortable sleep. We weigh together ~270.

    We've ended up getting her a WBBB 1.0 DL as well, and an extra tarp so that we can sleep a bit apart if there isn't an ideal "triangle" of trees to set up under the same tarp.

    As far as the dog goes (I don't have one), my only concern would be claws in the fabric. It is rip stop, but a large enough hole + weight of occupant = you're suddenly sitting on the ground with a large ventilation hole on the bottom of your hammock!.

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    My girlfriend and I routinely sleep two in a hammock. We do it at home and on the trail. On the trail, we generally use either a Trek Light Double (her favorite hammock), or an ENO Doublenest. Both are the same dimensions, fabric, and feel. She likes the colors on the Trek Light better though.

    The Vertex is worth the coin...just sayin. We have not tried one of dblhmmck's double bridges yet, but from the looks of it, it would be a good option. The problem with 2in1 is comfort. You both must enjoy snuggling for hours. I'm good with it for a few days, but then I need my own hammock because I've nicknamed my girl "Fidget". Not her trailname, but it certainly fits! 2in1 is not for everyone, or even most. For us, it works great and she enjoys the fact that I put off a ton of heat when I sleep.
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    I would suggest that if either of you are a light sleeper, NO WAY. I have even had trouble connecting our hammocks to the same tree if it is small enough to move or bounce. We have slept closely under the same tarp, as long as the trees are substantial enough not to move when one of us turns.

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    An update...

    I'm not really sure what happened, but apparently we just purchased the vertex.

    We bought the doublenest and just couldn't imagine spending the whole night that close to each other, so we decided to just go for it!

    I can't wait to try it out when it gets here!

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