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I will say they have incredible shipping times. Overnight International without additional charges is as good as it gets.

However, I received two Frontlines on Thursday of last week and tried them out in the back yard for three nights over the Holiday weekend. The Frontlines are comfortable and seem to be well constructed...except for one glaring problem. On both of mine (one for myself and one for my 14 y.o. son) the seams where the bottom nylon is sewn to the zippers is not folded or rolled. It is double stitched, but the edge is just flat and exposed. This creates a large amount of fuzz that constantly catches in the zippers. I emailed Nick this morning concerning this and he got back to me in a couple of hours. (that was good) His reply was that they basically screwed up on the new Frontlines in this area and that it would be addressed in the future. His "fix" was for me to trim the edge as close to the zippers as possible to reduce the fuss. (not so good).

Knowing how well I perform intricate tasks when I am doing work to make up for a manufacturing error, both of them will probably be used for scrap material before this is over.

Looks like the next set are going to be D.I.Y. At least then if it's screwed up, I have only myself to blame.
My wife's came just like yours. As it is a first timers hammock and there is no real structural issue we are happy to just use it til it is no longer usable.