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Grand Trunks UL hammock, 12 oz OR'
Grand Trunks Nano 7, 7 oz - smaller hammock, more $$
Paps Smurf bug sock, 5 oz - mydiygear.com

Cuben tarp, 5-7 oz depending on your needs
- zpacks, hammockgear,mountainlaurel designs.... all 3 make great cuben tarps.

At most you are at 24oz, or 1lb 8 oz set up here.

Your TQ can be the same whether you are in a tent or a hammock.

UQ - for 40F temps
tttrailgear has a 3/4 IX UQ @ 12 oz,
hammockgear has a 3/4 UQ @ 11.5 oz

for colder temps this will, of course, go up in weight. I've gone from April to October, 1/2 the year, with a GT Ultralight, 3/4 IX UQ, IX TQ, and cuben tarp just fine. Very light, no hipbelt used on my pack, no problem. I've been known to cover 16 miles before lunch with such a light load.

Comfortable sleep, as the body heals while resting, is very important. Can't see where the slight difference in weight would be worth the less comfortable sleep. Too each their own.
That's the issue: the tarp and quilt CAN'T be the same for 2 people when sharing gear, or, at least, I haven't found a good way to do so without being squished together constantly-- really, NONE of the sleep/shelter system can very realistically be shared, unless you don't mind excessive weight or cramped quarters.

Still, I'm captivated by the comfort of hammocks (now that the Nest has solved the cold butt issue), and I'll have to see what I can come up with/tollerate. But, after spending over $1,500 on the 2 of us just to get a useable hammock setup (hammocks, better tarps, and down under and over quilts * 2), I won't be purchasing anything else (i.e. lighter hammocks and tarps), especially when my ground setup cost a total of $278, and weighs les s that half of the hammocks *2-- NOT a slight difference.