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    Winter tarps ... the real deal?

    Most of us over 40 have learned that '' For every problem there is A solution which is nice, neat, easy, plausible and WRONG."

    The PROBLEM is wind with rain, sprinkle or heavy fog which can readily dampen the spirit and more.

    I am ready to buy a SWT or JRB (I like the door thing) but a comment on the forum by someone who experienced the PROBLEM revealed a winter tarp might not be the real Full Meal Deal. The wet got in cuz the ''doors'' couldn't be closed well enough.

    There are of course some limitations where site selection and/or orientation can mitigate the damage.

    I realize most of us (I suspect) do not consciously head out into the maw of a substantial storm to test ourselves and gear.

    Any other real life EXPERIENCES by members with a winter tarp....good or bad .... in really bad weather ?

    I like things simple and prefer not to gear up with lots of hammock accouterment: storm shelters, end caps, hammock bivies, bottom shields and attendant fuss to get a great night's sleep. I hoped a WT possibly with one other light piece of hammock gear will do the job.
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