something i really love and would love to share with you guys, is the Festival of lights. this thread is here to judge interest, and i need as much feedback as possible.

Theres some work that im going to have to do to make this happen, but heres what im thinking:

James Island County Park
When: Nov 11-Jan 1
What: Holiday Festival of Lights

This would be for all the family, theres a carousel, rock climbing wall (also a BIG one thats open daily with 4 sides and gear rentals) paddle boats, marshmallow roasting, santas workshop (gifts, food) kids train ride etc.

its a beautiful event, one that i love and go to every year multiple times.

NOW, for the hard part. The park has a hardline rule about hammocks or anything from trees, but im planning on talking to the park manager in the coming days.

Second: were supposed to be back at camp by 5pm during the event, but since i want this to be based on the event, im going to see what i can do to pull this off. youd still have to drive thru the event because it is car based.

Last, theres going to be park fees involved that may be up to you. at this point, all i know is theres camping fees and possibly the event fee

When I talk to the manager, if we can get past the hammock thing and then figure a way to do the thing as a package deal per person, with any discounts per X amount of people if i can.

anywho, let me see what i can do.