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    Got my NX-150 and oversized rainfly!

    Wow, these guys are amazing.
    I sent an email to Clark on Monday last week asking them if it was possible to get a custom sized Camo rainfly to go with my camo nx-150.
    Tuesday they sent me an email saying "sure it will take us about 4 days from the time you order to have it made" and gave me a GREAT price to do it.
    What I asked for was a Vertx Camo rainfly that was "squared off".
    The normal Vertex rainfly is 120" at the head, 127" long, and 76" at the foot. What I asked for was 120" at the head, 127" long, and 120" at the foot, I like to set up in a porch configuration most of the time, and a squared off fly makes that easier.
    That was Tuesday, on Friday I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. So Friday NIGHT I sent an email telling them I would place the order Monday (today) for the NX-150 in camo, straps, drip rings, and the oversized custom Vertex camo rainfly.
    Well, this morning at 9:30am I got an email telling me that my order was ready to pick up!!!!!
    Since I "had" to run errands in that part of town, I scooted over there.
    Met Spencer who went over my order showing me the fine points of packing the hammock in its built in sack and gave me advice on how to set the proper hang (showed me on the models hanging in the showroom).
    I asked how they had the fly done in minutes and he said they had been thinking about making one that size for quite a while, figured what the heck and made a couple of them last week!
    Hence my 15 minute order to ready to pick up time!
    He also threw in a stuff sack for the rainfly and a new product they are making, a piece made with a stiff strap like material with two pockets sewn in the ends to hold the spreader rods for the NX-150, works like a champ and has velcro to stick it to the hammock stuff sack so you don't forget the bars and have a place to stow them.
    Don't ask me what the cost of the oversized rainfly was, I don't think I'm allowed to say till it hits the website, but it is worth every penny, and quite a deal!
    Those guys will do about anything custom if you ask nicely, I am definitely a Clark fanatic now.
    I'll be going back out to Colorado on business again next week, will take my time coming home and will be trying out my new Clark in a park somewhere between here and there.
    Will post with pictures when I get back.

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    Very COOL

    I wish I lived near by . . .

    They are receptive to market demand, and way, in a timely fashion.

    When I went through Rabies Vaccination a few months ago . . . (a bat attacked me in the daylight)

    At that time . . . I misplaced/lost a vertex tarp for my TX-150 . . .
    It was the weirdest thing . . . I have 3 distinctive,
    for sure, last places that I put it . . .
    Ripped the house apart 3 times, top to bottom, looking for it.

    (The RV is physically and mentally excruciating)

    . . . was hoping to order a new one, and this sounds like a good choice.

    Pictures Please . . .
    Bradley SaintJohn
    Flat Bottom Canoe
    Start A Biz

    The Transition from Ground Sleeping to Hammocks
    is the Conversion from Agony To Ecstasy,
    and Curing Ground-In-somnia.

    "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show you great and mighty things . . ." Jeremiah 33:3

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    Strap/cinch buckle
    Enjoy the CJH and please post some pics of this "new" tarp!!!!!!!!!
    Par Si Vis Pace Para Bellum

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