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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperTramp View Post
    when i did it in May we only saw one guy the whole time and he was running it! -crazy

    The Lady at registration said that over the last few years, it has become very busy during the fall. After looking out over the landscape off the ridges, I don't wonder why. I can only imagine that seeing it in full fall color would be absolutely mindblowing! Cool weather and no bugs don't hurt either.

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    Hey Frosty, I just did that trail a week after you--6 nights, 11th to 17th. Also solo. Froze my butt a few mornings. But it was worth it. I'll post some of my pics when I get a chance.

    The lady at the registration (Alda) said it would be busy, but it wasn't too bad. Saw a few day hikers returning to the campground in the first few km. Second morning, four men who looked like they were on some kind of mission of pain. Rest of that day and all of the third day, no one.

    Fourth day shock: Silver Peak was full of day hikers coming in off of canoes. Fifth day, 2 people. Sixth day, no one until I reached "The Crack," where a troop of old ladies were enjoying sandwiches and brie on crackers. Kind of ruined the feeling of solitude and "roughin' it" I was looking for.

    Oh, well, the beauty makes up for any shortcomings. It's a great trail.

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