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    load calculator & portable hammock hanger

    I thought I saw a link somewhere to a calculator or the formulas to calculate the stresses on a tree when hanging from it.

    I'm out here in Utah (transplanted east coaster) and there are **** few trees in the public campsites to hang from.
    I was planning to use my high lift jack staked out as one end and my truck as the other, but you can't always put your truck where you want to hang. Getting the high lift to stay put while you connect everything is a PITA, I camp alone quite a bit.

    I do a lot of mechanical prototyping and was thinking of a way to make a portable hammock frame (by vehicle) that could fit into the back of my supercrew (5' bed) and go together quickly with a few pins.
    Have to calculate the loads to be sure I put together the right parts and pieces. I'll be working with anodized aluminum extrusions (can make any color, thinking green) that are used for machinery mounts, both pneumatic and hydraulic so strength shouldn't be an issue as long as I use the right sized extrusion.

    I'm thinking this thing might weigh 30 or so pounds, would be self supporting with attachment points for the rain fly and the hammock, so you could put it on the tent pad to get around those uninformed unthanked park rangers that are worried about us hurting the trees and ourselves. Would also work inside, would definitely look better than some of pipe fitting examples I've seen.

    Also, do you think there would be any interest in the group in such a thing? PM me please if you have any interest.
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