Claytor's site gives the Jungle Hammock's length as 9'9", which is 117". Claytor claims the JH is long, and I keep seeing people on these forums say so as well. Claytor even claims the JH will comfortably hold someone up to 7'5" tall, which is what drew me to it in the first place. But 9'9" is shorter than many hammocks, including the WBBB and Traveler, which are both 10' long. A 6'8" guy on these boards said he had just enough room to be comfortable in a WBBB. So what gives? Is there something I've missed in the JH's design that would allow it to accommodate a 7'5" person *better* than a longer hammock? It's quite narrow, with a width of 48", so I assume it can't have anything to do with an especially good diagonal lay.

I'm very curious.