Last week I decided to buy a Claytor Jungle hammock. I ordered but when I went to pay I saw that the only accept pay pal. I was working off shore and our internet is provided by the company and it has restrictions on it. Since I could not access my pay pal account, I sent them an email asking if the could call me or send me their number so that I could complete the purchase over the phone.
After waiting 2 hours I becamr impatient and went to order a DD frontline. Same problem, they wanted payment through pay pal. I sent them the same email that I sent Claytor and 15 minutes later they (DD) called me and I gave them my credit card info over the phone. I was told that it was too late in the day (Friday) and it would be shipped out Monday. Well, Monday I received an email confirming that my order had been shipped. DD is located in the UK, hammock was shipped out Monday and was delivered to my door Tuesday before lunch. How is that for service? Good job DD and fedex. I slept in my DD hammock last night ( Tuesday ).
Today ( Wednesday ). I received an email from Claytor saying they couldn't help unless I had family that could get to pay pal for me. I deleted the email without responding but I wish I had told them what I have told all of you here. From this experience I will be a DD costumer for a long time to come. I have already ordered 4 more frontlines for other family members. Sorry Claytor, you just can't get it done. Better step up.