This whole thread just proves the old adage of you can't please all the people all the time...

Horrible is a matter of perspective and why you need to understand when you read reviews that people get emotionally involved and may use words that seem harsh to us; yet are totally justified according to their perspective.

I HATE mystery menus, hard to find contact information, one-way pay systems, convoluted web-site search engines. A retail web-site has about 3 seconds to keep me hooked unless I am looking for something very specific that I KNOW can only be had on a certain site and I need to find it.

Otherwise, I move on.

As an example: I was looking for a nice conceal-carry shirt for my brother. I did not know the brand I was looking for but knew it needed to be button down, long sleeve etc. I ended up buying it at Sportsman's Guide because when I searched for the 'concealed-carry shirt' I did not get a bunch of tee shirts, jackets and other non-products listed. I will NOT look through 4 pages of tee shirts for the ONE shirt I need buried on one of the pages; not gonna do it.

Claytor missed the sale due to poor payment options and subsequent poor response time; DD stepped up and made the sale. I hate it when I call a vendor looking for a part and they ask me when I need it... I need it now or I wouldn't be calling!