my cousin and i are very new to this place and to hammock camping we are trying to get all the stuff we need for colder weather camping which we should have either by late sept or early oct. BUT THE PROBLEM IS I DONT KNOW WHAT HANG TO GO TO!!! i regretably live smack dab in the middle of missouri where it seams only 2 other HF members are and all the good hangouts are halfway across the US . what what are we to do i have a durango that gets maybe "with a tailwind" 14mpg and with the cost of gas nowdays im stumped. i SO want to get out to a hang with little to no hikeing SOON. because i am quite out of shape . Although i am trying to rectify this "just a LONG process" but I am capable of hikeing short distances. Talking to all of you one here make me want to meet yall. So here is my question what hangs is comming out SOON that will fit my cousins and I's needs. distance is a fairly large deal but not a game ender. I drove professionally for a few years so long distance driving dont bother me "I quite enjoy it" so please help yall know better that I what hangs yall have produce larger groups and what the difficulty rating for doing them are.

I hope "and pray" that we will be meeting soon as i would hate to have to wait till next years spring ozark hang "which i will be attending" to meet everyone.

Thanks for taking the time to read/post to my message