I have a HH Ultralite A-sym since 2003. Itís ready for a makeover.

Iím going to have 2QZQ do a Mod 2 or Mod 4.

Iíve purchased new tree straps, Whoopie Slings, and Elephant Trunks from Patrick over at Smart Outdoors.

I want to add a Dutch Binder from JRB to speed the setup process. The setup I want to do is the following:

Tree strap (Loop in one end for half of Dutch Binder) other end Tree Strap -> Elephant Trunk -> Whoopie Sling -> Hennessy Hammock.
Here are my questions:
Over at JRB there is a warning on the Dutch Clip, which states:
Dutch Clips are not suitable for use on hammocks with a structural ridge line that are designed to be stretched tautly between the trees.

Would this apply to the Hennessy? Iím not seeing why it would, but want to check before I purchase them.

Am I missing anything in this setup for the hammock?