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    Quote Originally Posted by Darby View Post
    Smithobx (John) confused the two weights, the PeaPod weighs approx. 38 oz. and the PolarPod comes in at about 48 oz.

    Cheers, Dale

    OK then, sounds like the PeaPod is pretty much unchanged from Speer's last models ( and mine ). So I guess the experiences I have had ( stated above) with mine should be pretty identical with the new ones, though YMMV. And my experience is pretty much like TTTG ( and Speer ) had rated them: 20F NOMINALLY. Meaning never a problem for me to be warm with pod alone at 20F on the bottom. And at least with the right hammock and some warm clothing that I would have with me any way, no trouble ON TOP in the 30s and OK in high 20s. But not quite as warm ON TOP with some wider or deeper hammocks, more likely to need a light TQ. Add a TQ on top or bottom, and/or a space blanket and spare clothing or even a pad to the bottom under the hammock, then you can go much colder. The only limitation is when you run out of room to add stuff.

    Time to remind folks of my friend who has a summer 55F rated down PeaPod which he has used for our last several trips. He has used this repeatedly in the mid 20s-30s, and been toasty warm and comfortable. He usually adds a pad under the hammock, or a space blanket, and a (30f?) TQ and is always very happy with the results.
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