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    Linville Gorge in December: Trip Planning Hopefully Dec 26-30

    Hello All,

    I am attempting to plan a trip to the Linville Gorge from December 26-30th. I have done several winter treks myself along the AT but never in a wilderness area. I am looking for people to go on this trip with me for safety reasons. IMHO it is safer to go on unmarked trails with friends then alone especially in the winter. I would either like to have a base camp and hike from their each day or simply spend 4-5 nights in the gorge backpacking (second option preferable). I started this thread

    over at the Linville Gorge Forum. Please post in this thread if you are interested in joining me but please keep specifics to the actual planning of the trip in the LG Forum. If you are not a member it is free and easy to join. So who's coming with me
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