Howdy all,

So, I've been using my first round of TQ/UQ since I started hammocking this time last year. What do you think the lowest temperature rating I could get down to with a WBBB 1.7 single layer with a MamaJamba (no door kit yet). As well as, with a Jacks R Better No Sniveller TQ and Hammock Gear Crowsnest 3/4 UQ (both quilts are rated as 3 season gear). I've got a Gossamer Gear 1/4" pad that doubles as my ULA Ohm's backpad as well as leg/foot pad for the hammock.

So, that being said, the fall season is setting in here in the south and I'm trying to get as much life out of these quilts as I can. The coldest temperatures I'd likely see down here in the south will be in the low 20's at night (and that's likley in November or December).

Thanks much everyone for the feedback/advice/thoughts!

Oh, I did forget to mention, all of my gear, including my clothing options, are listed here