Yeah, you read that right... Frostproof, FL

I've already posted elsewhere but thought I would make an official hello. My name is Dave, I'm originally from eastern Washington (Go Cougs!) but live in central Florida until I have the opportunity to move back to the northwest.

I sail, kayak (FL style... no rapids), hike, occasionally backpack, and love to learn and tinker. I'm a forester and I manage a state forest in the middle of the peninsula on the Lake Wales Ridge (my forest is the Lake Wales Ridge State Forest).

I will hopefully be making my first hammock in the next month or two and attending the second annual FL hang in January. I am also going to dip my toe in the waters to see if there is interest in something down here on my forest, maybe in mid-March (announcement coming after I have sent this off and type the other one up).

It seems like a great group here, nice folks, and lots of thinking going on... my kinda place and my kinda people.