I wanted to see if there would be any interest in having a hang down here on the forest that I manage. It is in central FL (an hour and a half southwest of Orlando and about an hour due east of Tampa) on the Lake Wales Ridge (Lake Wales Ridge State Forest) southeast of Frostproof.

This would be a bit more of a rustic/in the woods type hang but I can probably arrange for a vehicle to haul a few people, tables, ice chests, etc. out to the site that can't make the 20-30 minute hike. Dogs would have to be on a leash (by rule plus there is a FL panther living in the area so if Spot runs away then Spot will likely become dinner that night), kids would be optional but if they misbehave then they definitely need to be on a leash

If we can scare up some funds then I might even be able to get a couple of porta-johns out to the site. There wouldn't be any potable water available but the camp site is next to a beautiful stream. There are lots of trees but you would have to spread out into the woods to find your spot (it isn't a campground) and be careful of dead/dying trees and limbs.

Activities (aside from the normal socializing) could include
  • Hiking (I could lead a 5 hour or so hike to showcase some of the forest). The trail is a side trail/loop of the Florida Trail. Hikes can be as little as a foray away from the camping area, to the 5 hour hike, or if you want some alone time the full loop is about 22 miles
  • Canoe/kayak out on the creek, out to a large lake (Lake Arbuckle), or even a longer trip to a county boat ramp/campground where you could arrange for a shuttle back to the forest (half day total)
  • Swim in the creek *insert standard gator warning here*
  • Fishing, bird watching, photography
  • Relax and enjoy the scenery and the company

I was thinking that this could be in mid-March while the weather is still good (and gator mating season hasn't started) but is a couple of months after the greater FL hang so that we don't have overlap. Everyone would be welcome but I might need an experienced hammock guru to look at the site to see if they thought there was a limit to how many people it could hold.

Well, what does everyone think? Too close to the main event in January? Not enough interest? Let me know if I should start planning this event or not (I will probably need a bit of help)