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    Hennessy Asym and Peapod

    I had bought a Original Speer peapod from another HF member (a synthetic one). it was made before Ed started making them in Down.

    I originally bought it for my GT UL hammock and wondered it it could be used with my 2QZQ modded Hennesy.

    I tried it ou the other day in the basement and it works out nicely. just used some plastic clips to hold it to the sides but i will add some ties to the peapod to match the hennessy side tieouts.

    I lay in the hammock for a hour and it works great used a US army Poncho liner as a TQ and had a nice sleep for a few hours.

    Need to feild test the rig but i think it will work out great.

    I was wondering though when it hangs under the hammock there is enogh sag and space between the peapod and hammock but when i lay in the hammock the quilt touches the hammock is this normal with under quilts or should the quilt still hang with some gap uder the hammock with mr in it.
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