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    Minimalist underquilt

    I've been planning to use some CC foam as an under-insulating layer, but have thought a bit about an underquilt.

    My potential hammock uses in Australia are several fold -

    1) Down to about 10C
    2) Snow camping, down to about -2C
    3) Full on winter camping, where, with bad luck it might get to -8C

    For #1 above, I was hoping to use a CC foam underpad, suspended under my HH, so as to allow extra insulation to be placed between the pad and the hammock if needed. The alternative was to make a small down UQ, but I was thinking of a small triangular shaped one to cover my torso only, and then to use a foam pad under my feet. Has anyone made something like this?

    For #2, I realise that there are "full on" UQs, which seem to cover the whole underside of the hammock. What about smaller versions, that just cover where you lie............or have I missed a design feature here?

    Andrew A

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    Warbonnet Outdoors and Te-Wa make 2/3 under quilts which are the smallest and best packable designs to date. They cover from your shoulders to the middle of your thighs/knees. A pad is required for your legs.

    I use the Warbonnet Outdoors Yeti for 3 season. Both vendors provide a winter quilt as well in that design. Again I tested my Winter Yeti down to 3*F and lived to tell about it

    Check out 5:25 of my video to see the Yeti in action:
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