on my last 4 day outing i didn't take along any camp shoes and just had my boots and i really missed not having any camp shoes, but i didn't want to carry any because of the added weight

so i did some looking around on the internet last night and found this idea and made up a pair for myself

it's just cheap blue CCF foam that i cut and duct taped


just trace a line around your foot about a half inch bigger than your actual foot size and leave a couple of wings of foam on each side that you can pull over the top of your foot and duct taped them together

the foam i used is a real soft foam so don't know how they will hold up, it's not as stiff as the cheap blue foam pads that you can buy from the big box stores.......which i think would probably work a bit better, but i will try these and see

the best part to these is the weight, less that 1oz for the pair

0.8oz for the pair to be exact (i wear a size 11)

and basically costs nothing to make, so if they tear or don't work out i can just throw them in the trash and not care