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    It is absolutely possible to get a good snug fit there, and I speak from experience with my WBBB and winter Incubator. It took me a little while to figure out the propper adjustments to the suspension and end channels. Triangle Thingies can help with that but aren't necesary. Once I figured it out, it was a breeze from then on. I don't want to discourage you, as I consider the footbox to be far and away worth the occasional fussing to get that flat lay. I just want you to understand that there is a slight learning curve. The final product is well worth it!
    "The Road goes ever on and on,
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    And whither then? I cannot say."
    ~Bilbo Baggins - LotR

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    I use a KAQ Potomac (full length) on my WBBB. I had a problem one time with the footbox coming out of the UQ. But then I realized I had hung the foot end too low and it was my feet slipping all the way down that caused the issue. Since then, no problems and warm comfortable toes.
    As for weight, I use a canoe when I camp so an ounce ot two really doesn't matter to me.
    The Potomac does have a bit of an asym bias, so that may help in keeping it in place.

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    I use an incubator with the WB. It's full length. Slippage was initially a problem. I'd extend my feet into the foot box and then the shoulder slipped on the left.

    So I connected the foot-box corner of my UQ to the left shoulder grosgrain loop of the UQ, using shock-cord over the top of the hammock and a tiny s-biner.. Now if I push on the incubator in the footbox, the shoulder doesn't slip--it gets tighter.

    As Strider points out above, i think all the quilts have some kind of learning curve.

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