You might consider venting the Jarbridge to allow alittle heat to escape using a 20 with 1 oz of being a cold sleeper would think you will sweat alittle,,then again, dress very lightly and see how that works as well..its all expermenting as to how you acclimitize yourself at any temperatures you will be hanging in. Trouble is,,one TQ will not cover all the temp ranges you will be hanging in and that is when your extra clothing kicks in that you might be packing with when carrying, say, a, 40 degree top quilt and the temps would drop to 30...then compensate with extra clothing to wear to add to the 40 to cover the 30 degrees of cold..if your using a 20 degree top quilt at 50 degrees then vent, and dress lightly,,to keep from getting too hot. hope this helps alittle.