After hijacking another thread, sorry about that guys, I decided to post my own thread, after some encouragement. Well, I believe I have narrowed down my choices to two: Chatooga River or Linville Gorge. I want to leave my house around lunch and hike in to camp that night. The next day hike some more to a different site and then loop back around to the car Sunday afternoon to be home by 3pm. I may end up hanging alone for the first time, but I'll see. If anyone is interested in doing about 15-20mi, let me know. It turns some people off, but I like to sing worship songs around the fire (though not always), FYI.
I do not have the plans set yet, but I can not afford to drive more than about two hours out from zip:29690 and I will be going that weekend, as I had to plan my time off around school and work. Let me know if anyone is interested. I like to move fast, but I like the company of others as well.