Hi everyone,
Been reading here for a couple of months. I'm new to forums as well as hanging so I may goof some on posting.
I've been a ground dweller for almost 20 years as I motorcycle camped across the US. Spent most of my time in a Cabela's Northstar Bivy tent on a Thermarest Camplite pad.
After buying a ENO singlenest with slapstaps and hanging for an afternoon at Land Between the Lakes I was hooked. I found White Blaze forum first and was reading there when a poster mentioned Hammock Forums. After checking the place out I've been reading daily.
I decided to stay with ENO because I liked the modular system they had and I could buy locally. I was all ready to get everything I needed for a trip to South San Juan Mtns.for an Aug trip. When I got to my local store they had just had a sale and everthing was GONE! So I got on line and ordered a Doublenest One Link with the Pro Fly. I also bought some polyester straps after reading how much the ENO straps stretched.
After everthing arrived I removed the caribiners and hung from the straps with marlin spike hitches (Thanks Shug for clear videos - so much fun!!) My first hang in Colorado was a 28* night. I used my Therma rest pad in my Coleman Peak 1 bag. Got cold just before dawn only because I didn't have on my fleece pants. After putting them on I was good. Next two nights were also right at freezing. Good intro to hanging, huh?
Been hanging somewhere around home for at least an hour each day! Loving it!
Be seeing ya'll 'round!