Thank you everyone for the wonderful welcomes!

Well, was a great weekend - didn't get any pics of the setup unfortunately though.

Had to sleep on the ground the first night, but not due to the hammock or the weather - rather, it was part of the experience, and I'll leave it at that, so it was OK.

Second night was amazing. The under-pad/under-cover system was almost too warm -temps didn't get below 70 though - and I ditched the pad and sleeping bag quickly. Rigged the tarp high and after the first adjustment (getting rid of the underpad and sleeping bag - was gone, gone gone into the best sleep in a long time until they were waking me up at 0630 for breakfast!

Next up, I'll be working on making a portable stand for those trips when we go to State parks - ain't no way I'm going back to tents and ground if I can help it!!