I've read of more than a few interested in a hike n hang of the Grand Enchantment Trail in the Gila National Forest/Wilderness of New Mexico.

Taozenqi told me about the trail. I started researching it here:

Bought the maps/GPS tracks CD from there. The site has a current water sources report, town guide, resupply points and lots of other info free to download in .pdf.

One of the overview map shows the route color coded by terrain type. I think since most people prefer to avoid sections of dirt road, blacktop, etc. in favor of singletrack trail, I'm looking at sections 19-25 of the trail, as it has the most uninterrupted singletrack.

Specifically, this is what I'm considering so far:

Hike A:

A 50 mile hike, Section 20 from Glenwood, NM, Do the Catwalk Trail, intersect with the GET and hike to the end of section 21 and visit the Gila Cliff Dwellings. This hike takes you along Whitewater Creek, the Mogollon Mountains, The Crest Trail 182 and West Fork of the Gila River.

Hike B:

Section 22 to the end of section 25, a 61 mile hike. This hike takes you thru Montoya Pasture, Tom Moore canyon, South Diamond Creek, intersects with the CDR and runs the Black Range Crest, Diamond Peak and Lookout Mountain, ending at NM59. You could possibly bail at the end of section 24 at FR226, cutting out the 11 miles of section 25, making it a 50 mile hike also.

Looks like both these hikes have a fair amount of fording possible. And both could be hiked in either direction. Both are probably a 4-5 day hike. Logistics of pick up and drop off may take some doing. I'm not too knowledgeable of the area.

So I've got the ball rolling. Let's see where it goes.