I have a POE Ether Thermo 6 sleeping pad with a R Value of about 4 (I think). To be comfortable in a hammock, the pad needs some air released from it. From what Iíve read, a sleeping padís R value decreases when air is released. I was wondering if anyone has used this pad in a hammock and how cold of a temperature they have gone down to and still been comfortable. And, if you happen to remember other variables, i.e. sleeping bag/TQ warmth rating, clothing worn, etc. so I can get a feel for other insulation you were using, that'd be great.

I hope this isn't a repeat question; I couldn't find an exact answer on HF. I know similar questions have been asked about this pad, but I don't think anyone has asked and received any advice on actual use and actual temps they felt comfortable with.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

SoCal Mike