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    Question Question caused by change over to whoopies

    Hey all,

    I now have whoopies on one of my Expeditions and this has caused a question for me. When the weather is nice I find using the stock clips on the HH suspension perfect for my tarp and also the lightest weight by far (since they are there and I don't need extra cord clips etc.....). So the questions are as follows. First I tried putting the prusiks with clips, from my original suspension, on the whoopies but they slip/end up on top of the buries and as such don't work to well. Second anybody else out there already find a fix? Will I need to make new loops for the clips/prusiks to make it work on the slippery new whoopies?

    I wouldn't care too much but I am going to put whoopies on the scouts we got for our nephews and, since they are new/seldom hangers, I would like to keep this really simple for them.

    Thanks in advance


    PS I use a separate line with carabiners and dutch clips when things look dicey or I am unsure. I use the stock stuff for shade and the like when hanging around the yard or when I am sure the weather is gonna be nice (quick night out because it's too nice for the son and I to sleep inside etc......).
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