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    Latest Cuben Tarp design

    After quite a wait for Adam at Hammock Gear to do some R&D on his latest cuben tarp design it finally arrived today, and it was well worth the wait. I believe I'm the first to receive it. It has an 11' ridge line that has a slight cat cut to help keep it taught, and is 10' wide. The tie outs along the straight bottom edge allow the ends to tun inward to become doors. The most amazing thing about this cuben tarp is it weighs in at 8 3/4 ounces. One very nice surprise is it comes in a very pale green hue which makes it fit into the forest atmosphere and the view from inside is like being under a forest canopy.

    Ok... so I'm including 6 photos. I need to mention 2 things... first it may look a little grey, but it is green, and most importantly.... the photo that I"m in I'm wearing very baggy shorts's not a skirt.

    I'm heading into the hills in a few days where it will get a true test, but with all things Adam and Jenny create I have no doubt it will perform perfectly.
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