Me and a couple buddies (also hangers) are doing 50 on the AT weekend after next, NB from Fontana. I heard I was going to have to sleep in shelters 2 nights (gasp, is a shelter same as mud-huggin?), but hanging the other 2. Has anyone been in that region in the last month or so?

Looks like pack weight 'fore water and grub is gonna hit 20 lbs (havent got the down bag yet, and having to carry the BA Clearview for the shelter lay (ughh), water weight daily start is 6 lbs, total food at beginning of trail 8.5 lbs (I'm a hoss, gotta eat plenty). 34 on the hoof at the start, but Im a big boy and I likes the comfort.

2 items I will be DIY'n soon, trading out the 5 pound OP Zenith pack for a G4 from a pattern I got, and this fall a Down TQ. Those 2 together will save me 7 pounds off the weight above, and I may shave some more off the food with my dehydrator.

Let me know if anyone as hit this section, a couple shelters still closed due to Bear Activity.